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Bosch SMZ5000(B)

Model #: SMZ5000(B)

Price $19.95USD
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Dishwasher accessory kit with extra tall item sprinkler, vase/bottle holder, 3 plastic item clips and small item basket. For 800 Plus and SGE63E only.

Bosch SMZPC002UC

Model #: SMZPC002UC

Price $19.99USD
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The 3-prong Bosch SMZPC002UC dishwasher cord fits all Bosch dishwashers with full stainless-steel tubs. The cord measures 66.875 inches.

Bosch SGZ1007UC

Model #: SGZ1007UC

Price $59.95USD
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Curved stainless steel handle for SHV series (matches old style Wall Oven). Matches HBL/N 400,500 & 700 series ovens.

Bosch HEZ1090

Model #: HEZ1090

Price $69.95USD
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LP conversion kit for Bosch free standing range gas 300 and 500 series.

Bosch WTZ11400

Model #: WTZ11400

Price $99.99USD
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Boch stacking kit with pull-out tray.

Bosch SGZ1005UC

Model #: SGZ1005UC

Price $249.95USD
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Stainless Steel Door with Tubular Towel-Bar Handle for SHV Series.

Bosch SGZ1006UC

Model #: SGZ1006UC

Price $249.95USD
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Stainless Steel Door and Handle for SHV Series (Matches Old Style Wall Oven). For SHV series only. Handle matches HBL/N 400, 5000 & 700 Series Ovens. By putting all the controls in the upper door rim...

Bosch HMT5751

Model #: HMT5751

Price $299.99USD
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Bosch built-in microwave oven trim kit in stainless steel.