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kitchen accessories by Bosch

Did you find everything you need? We stock kitchen accessories by Bosch and can provide cooking, dishwasher, refrigerator or and accessories to meet your needs. Call us at (877) 431-2100.

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Bosch SGZ1010UC

Model #: SGZ1010UC

Price $18.95
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Bosch dishwasher drainage hose extension (12.5 ft.)

Bosch SMZ5000(B)

Model #: SMZ5000(B)

Price $19.95
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Dishwasher accessory kit with extra tall item sprinkler, vase/bottle holder, 3 plastic item clips and small item basket. For 800...

Bosch SMZPC002UC

Model #: SMZPC002UC

Price $19.95
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In Stock
The 3-prong Bosch dishwasher cord fits all Bosch dishwashers with full stainless-steel tubs. The cord measures 66.875" long.


Model #: BORPLFTR10

Price $49.95
In Stock
Bosch replacement water filter.

Bosch SGZ1007UC

Model #: SGZ1007UC

Price $59.95
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Curved stainless steel handle for SHV series (matches old style Wall Oven). Matches HBL/N 400,500 & 700 series ovens.

Bosch HEZ298102

Model #: HEZ298102

Price $59.95
This wok ring is used to hold a wok in place on Bosch gas cooktop, gas range or dual fuel ranges.

Bosch HEZ1090

Model #: HEZ1090

Price $69.95
LP conversion kit for Bosch free standing range gas 300 and 500 series.

Bosch DHZ3002UC

Model #: DHZ3002UC

Price $99.95
Savings - $10.00
Sale Price $89.95
Replacement charcoal filter for Bosch 30-inch DUH under-cabinet hoods in recirculation mode.


Model #: DHZDHR6

Price $99.95
Savings - $10.00
Sale Price $89.95
In Stock
6" Transition for Remote and Inline Blowers (DHG6023UC/DHG6015DUC)

Bosch HEZGR301

Model #: HEZGR301

Price $129.95
This griddle has been made for Bosch ranges.

Bosch SMZ5003

Model #: SMZ5003

Price $150.95
Savings - $0.00
Sale Price $150.95
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Special hinges allow easy opening and closing of the door of the machine. This accessory allows you to close the gap between the...

Bosch HEZBS301

Model #: HEZBS301

Price $199.95
This low back guard has been made for electric and induction Bosch ranges.

Bosch HGZBS301

Model #: HGZBS301

Price $199.95
This low back guard has been made for gas and dual fuel Bosch ranges.

Bosch HDZIT301

Model #: HDZIT301

Price $199.99
Savings - $0.00
Sale Price $199.99
Bosch Island trim accessory for dual-fuel slide-in ranges.


Model #: BOHANDL30

Price $249.95
Savings - $25.00
Sale Price $224.95
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This Bosch tubular handles have been made for Bosch B22CT80SNS refrigerators.


Model #: HCPEXT5UC

Price $259.95
Savings - $26.00
Sale Price $233.95
This wall mounted pyramid chimney hood duct extension accessory kit (for 9' to 12' ceilings) has been made for all Bosch chimney...


Model #: HCBEXT5UC

Price $259.99
Savings - $20.00
Sale Price $239.99
This wall mounted box chimney hood duct extension accessory kit (for 9' to 12' ceilings) has been made for all Bosch chimney wall...

Bosch SGZ1006UC

Model #: SGZ1006UC

Price $249.95
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Stainless Steel Door and Handle for SHV Series (Matches Old Style Wall Oven). For SHV series only. Handle matches HBL/N 400, 5000 &...

Bosch HEZ390522

Model #: HEZ390522

Price $249.95
In Stock
This griddle plate for flex induction has been made specifically for Bosch FlexInduction cooktops. It converts the induction cooktop...

Bosch HEZTR301

Model #: HEZTR301

Price $249.95
This 30'' telescopic rack has been made for Bosch 30'' wall ovens and slide in ranges. Roasted turkeys and other heavy items can be...