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Kitchen Accessories by Miele

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Miele DGG2

Model #: DGG2

Price $49.95
Miele unperforated steam cooking container for cooking food in gravy, stock, water (e.g. rice, pasta).

Miele 03636036

Model #: 03636036

Price $77.97
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Miele dishwasher upper basket glassware insert. This dishwasher glassware insert is intended to be used for martini glasses, wine...

Miele 06093710

Model #: 06093710

Price $117.21
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Tall glassware insert.

Miele DKF24-1

Model #: DKF24-1

Price $149.00
In Stock
Miele odorfree charcoal filter.

Miele DS4043

Model #: DS4043

Price $150.00
In Stock
Square handle, cleantouch steel design, 60cm ovens/warming drawers, lift doors only.

Miele DS4040

Model #: DS4040

Price $150.00
In Stock
Profil handle, cleantouch steel design

Miele GFV60/65-1

Model #: GFV60/65-1

Price $169.00
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Miele optional door panel 60x65 clean Touch steel.

Miele KTF1048SS

Model #: KTF1048SS

Price $229.00
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48 inches merging top frames for prefinished stainless front models.

Miele GFVI615771D

Model #: GFVI615771D

Price $275.00
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Miele ContourLine clean touch steel door panel handle and toe kick.

Miele GFVI614771

Model #: GFVI614771

Price $275.00
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This Miele CleanTouch steel panel features Pureline handle and it's the perfect design harmony for Generation 6000 appliances.

Miele GFVI459/77-1

Model #: GFVI459/77-1

Price $295.00
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Clean Touch steel straight design, stainless steel finish.

Miele GFVI4511/771SS

Model #: GFVI4511/771SS

Price $295.00
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Miele slim line dishwasher door panel in stainless steel.

Miele GFVI616771

Model #: GFVI616771

Price $299.00
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Miele door panel with ContourLine comfor handle.

Miele EBA6708MC

Model #: EBA6708MC

Price $329.00
Miele ContourLine stainless steel trim kit. Kit for placing a Miele built-in whole-bean coffee system or a Miele M6160 in a 30"-wide...

Miele EBA6808HVBR

Model #: EBA6808HVBR

Price $329.00
Miele 30" PureLine truffle brown trim kit.

Miele EBA6708

Model #: EBA6708

Price $329.00
Miele 30" ContourLine stainless steel trim kit for Speed and Steam/Combi Steam ovens.

Miele DRDC4806

Model #: DRDC4806

Price $349.00
In Stock
Miele offers a 6" duct cover for a 48" width.

Miele DRDC3006

Model #: DRDC3006

Price $349.00
This Miele 6" duct cover has been made for 30" width ventilation.

Miele DRDC3606

Model #: DRDC3606

Price $349.00
Miele 6" duct cover for 36" width hood.

Miele KSK1002

Model #: KSK1002

Price $399.00
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Merging kit