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Propane Grills by Napoleon

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Propane Grills

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Napoleon PTSS165P1

Model #: PTSS165P1

Price $199.00
Napoleon offers a lightweight portable propane grill with a heating power of 9000 BTU. This easy to clean durable barbecue grill...
Approximate dimensions: 23 in W x 13 in H x 10 in D

Napoleon TQ285XBL

Model #: TQ285XBL

Price $399.00
The Napoleon TravelQ™ TQ285 Portable propane Grill has set a new standard in portable grilling excellence. Don’t let the small size...
Approximate dimensions: 24 in W x 14 in H x 19.25 in D

Napoleon T325SBPK

Model #: T325SBPK

Price $499.00
In Stock
This Napoleon triumph 2 burner propane grill is a fantastic stainless steel barbecue. Two main stainless steel burners are accompanied...
Approximate dimensions: 44.88 in W x 45.28 in H x 22.05 in D

Napoleon LEX485PSS

Model #: LEX485PSS

Price $799.00
It may be called a Mirage™ but this propane grill is no illusion. This Mirage™ grill is a quality grill constructed out of stainless...
Approximate dimensions: 61.75 in W x 59.25 in H x 27.25 in D

Napoleon BIP500RBPSS

Model #: BIP500RBPSS

Price $899.00
Napoleon® quality and performance go into each grill head. This Napoleon®  Built-in Gas Grill Head comes with the highest standard...
Approximate dimensions: 30.75 in W x 8.96 in H x 20.62 in D

Napoleon R425SIBLP

Model #: R425SIBLP

Price $949.00
Napoleon Rogue series 35" liquid propane gas grill with infrared side burner featuring 625 square inches of total cooking space,...
Approximate dimensions: 35 in W x 48 in H x 25 in D

Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS

Model #: LEX485RSIBPSS

Price $999.00
In Stock
Napoleon's LEX propane grill has everything you need for an outdoor kitchen experience. The high quality stainless steel gives the...
Approximate dimensions: 61.81 in W x 49.21 in H x 27.17 in D

Napoleon P500PSS

Model #: P500PSS

Price $999.00
Napoleon Prestige® Series propane grill with porcelainized cast iron reversible WAVE™grids. The gas grill features up to 48,000 BTU's,...
Approximate dimensions: 64.25 in W x 50.25 in H x 26.25 in D

Napoleon P500RBPBK

Model #: P500RBPBK

Price $1199.00
Napoleon Prestige® propane grill with heavy duty rotisserie kit, with counter balance and two for delicious restaurant style cooking...
Approximate dimensions: 64.25 in W x 50.25 in H x 26.25 in D

Napoleon LEX605RSBIPSS

Model #: LEX605RSBIPSS

Price $1399.00
Napoleon offers a propane Grill with rear infrared burner, infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ bottom burner and range side burner. In one unit you...
Approximate dimensions: 68.5 in W x 27.3 in H x 49.25 in D

Napoleon P500RSIBPB

Model #: P500RSIBPB

Price $1449.00
Napoleon Prestige® Series gas grill with heavy duty rotisserie kit with counter balance, and two forks for delicious restaurant...
Approximate dimensions: 64.25 in W x 50.25 in H x 26.5 in D

Napoleon P500RSIBPSS1

Model #: P500RSIBPSS1

Price $1499.00
In Stock
This Napoleon BBQ Made in Canada from the Prestige series features an operated propane stainless steel cooking surface 7mm 500...
Approximate dimensions: 64.25 in W x 50.25 in H x 26.25 in D

Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS-1

Model #: PRO500RSIBPSS-1

Price $1999.00
In Stock
Napoleon BBQ 500 square inches is controlled to perfection. The double lid keeps the heat inside. Made fury with a nice piece of...
Approximate dimensions: 64.25 in W x 50.25 in H x 26.25 in D

Napoleon BIPRO665RBPSS

Model #: BIPRO665RBPSS

Price $2799.00
Stainless steel construction for durability, chrome accents for beauty, the PRO Series BIPRO665 Gas Grill Head With Infrared Rear...
Approximate dimensions: 38 in W x 8.87 in H x 20.63 in D
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Napoleon PRO665RSIBPSS

Model #: PRO665RSIBPSS

Price $3299.00
In Stock
This Napoleon’s Prestige PRO™ Gas Grill is known for their beauty and performance. When compared to the competition, this grill...
Approximate dimensions: 76.77 in W x 51.18 in H x 25.59 in D
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Napoleon PRO825RSBIPSS

Model #: PRO825RSBIPSS

Price $4499.00
The Prestige PRO Series PRO825 Dual Headed Grill With Rear, Bottom And Side Infrared Burners is a mouthful to say, but completely...
Approximate dimensions: 94.12 in W x 51.12 in H x 25.37 in D
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