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appliance accessories by Primo Grill and Smokers

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Primo Grill and Smokers 177815

Model #: 177815

Price $17.98USD
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Primo heat-resistant gasket kit to replace existing gaskets.

Primo Grill and Smokers PRM315

Model #: PRM315

Price $49.98USD
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Primo extended cooking rack for oval LG-3000.

Primo Grill and Smokers 344

Model #: 344

Price $51.98USD
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The Primo oval large cast iron firebox divider splits your Primo's firebox into 2 zones, giving you the ability to cook directly on one side of your grill and indirectly on the other, or just use...

Primo Grill and Smokers Griddle 360

Model #: Griddle 360

Price $63.98USD
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Primo Griddle for the Oval XL #360.

Primo Grill and Smokers 361

Model #: 361

Price $63.98USD
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This heavy-duty Cast Iron Searing Grate for the Oval XL offers close-set bars for more versatility on the grill.

Primo Grill and Smokers 316

Model #: 316

Price $63.98USD
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The lower drip pan rack can be used to hold a drip pan to collect juices or to hold your favorite cooking liquid, enhancing the flavor or your food.

Primo Grill and Smokers 326

Model #: 326

Price $79.98USD
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Primo heat deflector for large oval 3000. Deflector plates in combination with drip pan racks to allow you to cook using indirect heat on your Primo.

Primo Grill and Smokers 370

Model #: 370

Price $531.98USD
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Specifically designed for the Primo large oval grill, this powder-coated steel cart with stainless steel side shelves resists rusting, and the wire basket is perfect for storing charcoal or other...