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Zephyr Z0B0020S

Model #: Z0B0020S

Price $11.00

Zephyr Z0B0023

Model #: Z0B0023

Call (877) 431-2100 for price
Zephyr's Z0B0023 35 Watt Halogen Bulb for Essentials Series Range Hoods.

Zephyr 0AK1120001

Model #: 0AK1120001

Price $15.00
In Stock
Zephyr 0AK11-20001 Charcoal Filter Replacement for Breeze II Series Range Hoods.

Zephyr Z0FC090

Model #: Z0FC090

Price $15.00
This charcoal filter replacement has been made to fit ventilation system.

Zephyr Z0FC002

Model #: Z0FC002

Price $15.00
Charcoal Carbon Filter Cartridges (Single)   For Model: AK8000AS - Requires 1 Carbon Filter Cartridge For Model: ZFIM90,...

Zephyr 0AK11-21001

Model #: 0AK11-21001

Price $20.00
In Stock
Breeze I AK11xx, Breeze II AK12xx recirculating kit

Zephyr AK00029

Model #: AK00029

Price $24.99
Zephyr back draft butterfly 6" round inline damper for range hoods.

Zephyr ZRC0100

Model #: ZRC0100

Price $25.00
Zephyr Recirculating Kit for AK8000AS Twister.

Zephyr AK00030

Model #: AK00030

Price $25.00
Zephyr wall cap with a built-in bird screen for 6" round duct.

Zephyr ZRC9000

Model #: ZRC9000

Price $25.00
This optional ductless recirculating kit for Zephyr's Vortex series of range hoods uses a charcoal filter to purify the air.

Zephyr ZRC8400A

Model #: ZRC8400A

Price $25.00
Zephyr recirculating kit with charcoal filters

Zephyr AK00042

Model #: AK00042

Price $30.00
Zephyr exhaust wall cap with a built-in bird screen and damper for 6" round duct.

Zephyr DDA0001

Model #: DDA0001

Price $39.00
Wired Remote Up/Down Control.

Zephyr ZRC00PI

Model #: ZRC00PI

Price $39.00
In Stock
Zephyr recirculating kit with charcoal filters

Zephyr ZRC00GE

Model #: ZRC00GE

Price $40.00
Recirculating Kit (Return Air Vent and Charcoal Filter).

Zephyr ZRC0200

Model #: ZRC0200

Price $49.00
In Stock
Zephyr's ZRC0200 Recirculating Kit which comes with 2 Charcoal Filters.

Zephyr AK00045

Model #: AK00045

Price $55.00
Zephyr exhaust wall cap with a built-in bird screen and damper for 10" round duct.

Zephyr BRC0003

Model #: BRC0003

Price $79.00
Brisas recirculation kit for the BFG-E30AG and BFG-E36AG model range hoods. Recirculating Kit eliminates the need to run ducting for...

Zephyr ZRC00MO

Model #: ZRC00MO

Price $79.00
Zephyr's recirculating kit for ZMO model.

Zephyr ZRC00SV

Model #: ZRC00SV

Price $89.00
In Stock
ZRC00SV Recirculating Kit from Zephyr.