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Find a wide selection of charcoal grills by Big Green Egg, Primo and Weber. Get some serious grilling done with these top-rated grills. For tips on what to look for when purchasing a new grill, see our Grill Buying Guide. Don't see the model you're looking for? We special order appliances from over 50 brands! Browse manufacturer links or call us.

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Weber One-Touch Silver 22.5 (741001)

Model #: One-Touch Silver 22.5 (741001)

Price $99.00USD
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One-Touch® Silver 22.5" grill. Lots of wide-open grilling space gives you all the room you need to create anything your mind-or your appetite-can cook up. Plus, the Silver's One-Touch™ cleaning...

Weber Performer Silver (1401001)

Model #: Performer Silver (1401001)

Price $229.00USD
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The Performer® Silver charcoal grill brings classic charcoal grilling together with pratical features like a fold-down table and a handy lid thermometer.

Napoleon PRO22K

Model #: PRO22K

Price $274.00USD
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The Professional Charcoal Kettle is sure to please any appetite and impress the charcoal grilling professional in you. It features an innovative ergonomic design with a corner hinged lid for safe...

Weber One-Touch Gold 26.75 (781001)

Model #: One-Touch Gold 26.75 (781001)

Price $299.00USD
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Brought back by popular demand in 2009, this head turner gives you everything you need to grill like the pros. It offers a roomy 26.75-inch diameter cooking area, a stainless steel hinged cooking...

Weber Performer Gold (14310010)

Model #: Performer Gold (14310010)

Price $299.00USD
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Follow your heart. If you love to grill, you'll love this grill! A legendary One-Touch kettle is tucked into a handy rolling cart with an onboard briquette bin that holds up to 20 pounds of...

Weber Performer Platinum (1481001)

Model #: Performer Platinum (1481001)

Price $349.00USD
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Weber Performer® Platinum Touch-N-Go™ gas ignition system takes the work out of starting the fire. Simply stack your coals and push a button, and you're minutes to grilling out-without the hassle...

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 22.5 (731001)

Model #: Smokey Mountain Cooker 22.5 (731001)

Price $399.00USD
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First there was big, and now there’s bigger. This monstrous smoker provides low and slow cooking for all your favorite meals. You’ll love the real, smoked flavor and the exciting features.

Big Green Egg Mini Egg

Model #: Mini Egg

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The Mini EGG is a good choice for picnics and tailgating when you want the EGGsperience to be portable.   The Mini can cook 2 chicken breasts, 2 pork chops and 1 steak .

Big Green Egg Small Egg

Model #: Small Egg

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The Small Egg is good for individuals or small families. It can be used for tailgating and also is an appropriate supplement to a Large or Medium EGG.

Big Green Egg Medium Egg

Model #: Medium Egg

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The Medium EGG is a good size for smaller families of two to four people.

Big Green Egg Large Egg

Model #: Large Egg

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The Large EGG is still our most popular size and is able to easily handle the cooking needs of most families. The Large EGG can cook, 20-pound turkey, 12 burgers, 6 chickens vertically, 8 steaks et 7...

Primo Grill and Smokers Kamado All-In-One (773)

Model #: Kamado All-In-One (773)

Price $875.99USD
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The Primo Kamado All-In-One traditional 18.5" round Kamado style ceramic grill. Features a ergonomic handle, cradle stand, FDA approved food safe side tables, ash tool, and grate lifter. Features...

Primo Grill and Smokers 775

Model #: 775

Price $976.99USD
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Large Oval Primo grill is made of a thick SuperCeramic which is coated with a lead-free scratch-resistant glaze. The grill's ceramic design allows you to smoke foods at temperatures as low as 180...

Big Green Egg XL Egg

Model #: XL Egg

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 Which size EGG best fits your needs? You have a choice of five sizes ranging from a Mini to an Extra Large. The detail provided here will let you determine which size you want. But keep in mind that...

Weber Ranch Kettle 37.5 (60020)

Model #: Ranch Kettle 37.5 (60020)

Price $1299.00USD
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Once you see the sheer enormousness of the Ranch® kettle charcoal grill, you’ll understand why “big” is such an oversized understatement. We’re talking 1,104 sq. in.—yes, you read it right—of...