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We carry a variety of gas water heaters to meet your needs. Call us at (877) 431-2100. Find a large selection of energy efficient gas water heaters in many sizes and styles by Rheem. Whether you're looking for short or tall, gas or electric look no further - we've got it all!
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Rheem PROG40S40NRH62

Model #: PROG40S40NRH62

Price $669.99
Rheem Professional Classic short residential natural gas water heater. This model features 40 gallon, EverKleen patented system and...
Approximate dimensions: 23 in W x 50.5 in H

Rheem PROG4032PRH62

Model #: PROG4032PRH62

Price $699.99
Rheem Professional Classic™ atmospheric gas water heater features Guardian System™ & sensor, EverKleen™ patented system and includes...
Approximate dimensions: 18.5 in W x 61.5 in H x 18.5 in D

Rheem PROG40S36PRH62

Model #: PROG40S36PRH62

Price $699.99
Rheem Professional Classic Plus Series, Atmospheric waster heater. It features Guardian System™ & sensor, 40 gallon capacity and...
Approximate dimensions: 21.5 in W x 63.25 in H x 21.5 in D