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Napoleon 62007

Model #: 62007

Price $4.99
In Stock
Napoleon replacement grease trays (5-pack).

Traeger BAC404

Model #: BAC404

Price $4.99
In Stock
Spend more time grilling and less time cleaning with our Timberline Grease Pan Liners. These aluminum foil liners are disposable so...

Weber 6415

Model #: 6415

Price $5.99
In Stock
Keep your Weber gas grill clean and ready for service with this handy pack of ten small aluminum grease catch pans. Measuring 8-1/2...

Big Green Egg FS24

Model #: FS24

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In Stock
Big Green Egg fire starter. These fire starters are made from sawdust and paraffin and are very effective for quickly and easily...

Big Green Egg WCPECAN

Model #: WCPECAN

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In Stock
Pecan Smoking Chips add a rich, mellow flavor suitable for chicken and fish. Smoking with pecan wood gives poultry a golden brown...

Big Green Egg WCAPPLE

Model #: WCAPPLE

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In Stock
Apple Chips provide a natural sweetness that is mild enough to use with fish, shellfish and poultry. Wood smoking chips add a...



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In Stock
Hickory Smoking Chips enhance any red meat such as brisket and pork butt or shoulder, as well as turkey and chicken. Wood smoking...

Napoleon 62121

Model #: 62121

Price $6.99
In Stock
Napoleon’s Grid Lifter grilling maintenance accessory is a handy tool to have. The Grid Lifter provides you with the leverage to...

Napoleon 70018

Model #: 70018

Price $6.99
Napoleon silicone basting brush for thick, even sauce spreading. This 18 inch basting brush was designed with the grill master in...

Weber Grill Brush (6494)

Model #: Grill Brush (6494)

Price $7.99
Whether you cook over charcoal or gas, this is a must-have tool for keeping grill grates free of food debris. Easily cleans...

Weber Grill Brush (6686)

Model #: Grill Brush (6686)

Price $7.99
Perfect for grates, burner tubes, Flavorizer® bars, and other small spaces in the cookbox. Stainless steel bristles.

Weber Basting brush

Model #: Basting brush

Price $8.99
In Stock
Weber silicone basting brush. Perfect for thicker sauces, the silicone bristles on our basting brush resist odors and stains and are...

Big Green Egg SMOP

Model #: SMOP

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In Stock
Big Green Egg Barbeque Sauce Mop easily add your favorite basting mixtures, flavored butters, glazes and barbecue sauces to anything...

Primo Grill and Smokers Quick Lights 609

Model #: Quick Lights 609

Price $9.99
In Stock

Weber 6493

Model #: 6493

Price $9.99
In Stock
Easily cleans hard-to-reach spots between the cooking grate rods and in tight spaces at the edges of the cooking grate. Stainless...

Weber 6483

Model #: 6483

Price $9.99
In Stock
Weber burger press. Designed to make a dimple in burger patties for flat, uniform 1/4 lb or 1/2 lb burgers. Detachable handle for...

Weber Slider Press (6485)

Model #: Slider Press (6485)

Price $9.99
Weber slider press. Designed to make a dimple in burger patties for flat, uniform 1/8 lb sliders. Detachable handle for easy...

Weber 6488

Model #: 6488

Price $9.99
Weber original potato nails set of 6. Heat conducted through stainless steel nail allows for quick, even cooking of potato....

Traeger BAC244

Model #: BAC244

Price $9.99
Traeger extra-wide stainless steel heat resistant spatula with classic rosewood handle for BBQ grilling.

Traeger BAC270

Model #: BAC270

Price $9.99
Traeger silicone bristles basting brush for brushing sauces and glazes as you grill and is heat resistant and dishwasher safe.