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Miele 7101760

Model #: 7101760

Price $7.98
Vacuum Cleaning Crevice Tool

Miele Hygiene Cap

Model #: Hygiene Cap

Price $9.95
The Miele Hygiene cap keeps your Miele vacuum sealed between uses. Helping to mask odors and prevents dust leakage when transporting...

Miele 9442630

Model #: 9442630

Price $9.95
In Stock
Miele offers a 15cm crevice nozzle ideal for cleaning narrow and difficult to reach gaps. This attachment is suitable for all Miele...

Miele 9442620

Model #: 9442620

Price $10.95
In Stock
 Miele upholstery tool all canister. A great tool for cleaning your mattress, curtains and pillows.

Miele SFSAC10 Super Air Clean

Model #: SFSAC10 Super Air Clean

Price $10.99
Super Air Clean Filter

Miele Air Clean Filter

Model #: Air Clean Filter

Price $11.99
Miele Super Air Clean Filter

Miele SF-SAC30 Air Clean Filter (03944711)

Model #: SF-SAC30 Air Clean Filter (03944711)

Price $11.99
The active air clean filter traps odours inside the dustbag when vacuuming around the house. It contains a layer of active charcoal...

Miele A1291034

Model #: A1291034

Price $14.99
Replacement Wand Extension Tube for the Miele S170 - S180 Upright Series vacuums.

Miele Type KK IntensiveClean

Model #: Type KK IntensiveClean

Price $15.99
In Stock
Miele Type KK Replacement Dustbags. 50% reduction in emissions: Multi-ply random-spun fibers provide significantly better filtration...

Miele Type Z IntensiveClean

Model #: Type Z IntensiveClean

Price $15.99
In Stock
Type Z IntensiveClean Replacement Bags

Miele Type B dust bags

Model #: Type B dust bags

Price $15.99
The Miele Type B Dustbag virtually eliminates clogging, improving suction performance. Millions of tiny dust particles are held...

Miele Type L/L Art

Model #: Type L/L Art

Price $16.99
Miele Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Type L/L

Miele Type FJM AirClean

Model #: Type FJM AirClean

Price $18.99
In Stock
Miele Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Type FJM.

Miele Type GN AirClean

Model #: Type GN AirClean

Price $18.99
In Stock
Miele Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Type GN.

Miele Type U AirClean

Model #: Type U AirClean

Price $18.99
In Stock
Type U 5.45 quart Replacement FilterBag.

Miele 7132710

Model #: 7132710

Price $19.95
In Stock
Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Brush Tool, 35mm

Miele 4769110

Model #: 4769110

Price $25.00
Bristle Support Plate

Miele SMD10

Model #: SMD10

Price $25.99
This Miele flat nozzle lets you reach between mattresses and bed frames to clean every last bit of dust and debris.

Miele SFD20

Model #: SFD20

Price $29.95
In Stock
Miele 22" flexible crevice tool. It is long enough to really get into those dust and dirt-collecting spaces and bends easily around...

Miele SPD10

Model #: SPD10

Price $29.99
 Miele wide upholstery tool can be used with all canisters and uprights that are able to use attachments. The tool is 7 1/2" wide...