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Laundry Accessories

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Asko (1)
Bosch (2)
Electrolux (1)
Frigidaire (5)
GE (2)
LG (2)
Míele (2)
Samsung (3)
Whirlpool (14)


Black (1)
Brass (3)
Chrome (2)
Grey (2)
Silver (1)
Stainless Steel (11)
White (9)

Samsung SK-5A

Model #: SK-5A

Price $39.99USD
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Matching stacking kit for all Samsung 27" wide front-load washers and dryers.

Approximate dimensions:

Míele WTV419

Model #: WTV419

Price $195.00USD
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Miele stainless steel WTV419 stacking kit for W3035.

Approximate dimensions:

LG KSTK2 (Chm)

Model #: KSTK2 (Chm)

Price $40.99USD
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29" Laundry stacking kit.

Approximate dimensions: 29 in W

Whirlpool W10473735

Model #: W10473735

Price $14.99USD
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Steam dryer hose kit.

Approximate dimensions:


Model #: KSTK1 (W)

Price $35.99USD
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27" Laundry stacking kit.

Approximate dimensions: 27 in W

Frigidaire 137334800

Model #: 137334800

Price $39.99USD
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Frigidaire rack for laundry drying.

Approximate dimensions:

Electrolux 137343300

Model #: 137343300

Price $59.99USD
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Electrolux rack for laundry drying.

Approximate dimensions:

Bosch WTZ11400

Model #: WTZ11400

Price $99.95USD
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Boch stacking kit with pull-out tray.

Approximate dimensions:

Whirlpool 8212450A

Model #: 8212450A

Price $24.99USD
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Use the dryer rack to dry items that shouldn't be tumbled, such as sweaters, ball caps, footwear, delicates, stuffed animals, and...

Approximate dimensions:

Whirlpool 279823

Model #: 279823

Price $61.99USD
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Clothes Dryer Vent Extension used on Whirlpool Brand.

Approximate dimensions:

Whirlpool 49610

Model #: 49610

Price $79.99USD
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Exhaust kit for internal ventilation with bottom dryer.

Approximate dimensions:

Bosch WTZ20410

Model #: WTZ20410

Price $30.95USD
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Bosch stacking kit for 24" washers and dryers.

Approximate dimensions: