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peace of mind – product performance guarantee

The most convenient and economical way to maintain and extend the life of your new purchase. Most manufacturer-limited warranties leave you with no protection against breakdowns after the first year of ownership.

With NSI Protection Plus, you are protected far beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Rest assured that if you have a problem, service is only a phone call away, and your repair will cost you nothing…wherever you live! Welcome to worry-free ownership.

benefits of coverage:

  • Affordable & Flexible – Your NSI Protection Plus service contract can be tailored to fit your needs. A variety of service options are available for a reasonable fee.
  • No Deductible – No up-front costs and no back-end costs. You pay nothing for covered repairs.
  • Covers Parts & Labor – NSI covers the cost of parts and labor necessary to return your product to factory specifications.1
  • Protection If You Move – Your NSI Protection Plus service contract is portable and moves with you. NSI has a nationwide network of factory-authorized service technicians.
  • Protection If You Sell – If ownership of the product under contract should change, your NSI Protection Plus is fully transferable for the length of the contract.2
  • Comprehensive Coverage – Your NSI Protection Plus service contract provides protection against repairs related to electrical surges. And for refrigeration products, NSI will pay up to $250 for food spoilage.
  • No Lemon Policy – NSI Protection Plus will replace your product upon request if your product requires more than three NSI-covered repairs within any 12-month period.
  • Fully Backed & Guaranteed – Your NSI Protection Plus service contract is backed by an A-rated insurance holding company.
  • Renewable Coverage – Your NSI Protection Plus service contract may be eligible for renewal at expiration of the original term. Renewals will be available at rates effective at the offering.3

1) For mechanical & electrical failure of the covered product caused by defects in workmanship or materials or by normal wear and tear. 2) A transfer fee will apply. 3) A renewal fee may apply.