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Rheem 42V50-65F

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  • Specifications
    Type Tall 
    Unit capacity 48 US Gallons
    Flow-rate capacity Natural Gas: 65 000 BTU/hr;  
    Controls External 
    Fuel type Natural Gas 
    Water pressure range  
    Overheat protection  
    Noise level  dBA
    Energy Factor 0.58 
    Installation Floorstanding 
    Certifications AHRI,Energy Miser,Design 
    Condensate Collector  
    Venting type External 
    Connection size Water connection:3/4"; 
    Color Dark Grey 
  • Information
    Additional information Guardian System™ - engineered to exceed ANSI standards for flammable vapor ignition resistance - a Rheem exclusive. One-of-a-kind air/fuel shut-off device offers double protection. Maintenance free - superior air filtration prevents the flame arrestor from becoming clogged by lint, dust, and oil. Low NOx design for low nitrous oxide emissions. EverKleen™ patented system fights sediment build-up, reduces fuel costs, provides more hot water. Easy to light- no matches required. Energy efficient - more hot water at a low operating cost. All modes are certified for applications up to 6,000 feet above sea level. Some models certified up to 10,200 feet above sea level. 
  • Accessories
    Supplied accessories  
    Optional Accessories  
  • Approximate Dimensions*
    Width 24"
    Height 63"
    Depth 24"
    Weight 180.16 lbs
    Shipping weight NA lbs
    *refer to physical product for exact dimensions
  • Warranty
    Warranty 6 years 
    Additional warranty information United States: Tank Warranty - 6 Years; Parts Warranty - 6 Years; With ProtectionPlus™ the 6-year limited warranty becomes 10 years! Canada: Tank Warranty - 6 Years; Parts Warranty - 1 Year. 
Product no longer available for purchase.
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This Fury® gas water heater feature the Guardian System, engineered to exceed ANSI standards for flammable vapor ignition resistance. It features also the EverKleen™ patented system to fight sediment build-up and includes a brass drain valve and temperature and pressure relief valve.