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Water Doctors WS-INFIN-STD

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  • Specifications
    Maximum hardness after filtration  grains/gal
    Maximum iron after filtration 10 ppm
    Total hardness capacity  grains
    Salt storage capacity  lbs
    Minimum pH  
    Maximum pH  
    Maximum flow rate 14/112 gal/min
    Plumbing connection  in
    Operating temperature range  
    Water pressure  psi
    Energy Star  
    Other features Maximum continuous flow rate 128/18 (LPM/USgal); Minimum temperature (°C/°F) >0/32; Maximum temperature (°C/°F) <38/100; Approximate flush volume (litres/USgal) 112/35; Typical system efficiency 95%; Chlorine Reduction 100%; Chloramines Removal >99%; Chemicals removal >99.999%; THMs & THCs removal >99.95%; Hardness Removal 99.99%; Average Family Size of 2 to 5 People; Infinity Water Technologies introduces Beyond Filtration with enhanced Coconutshell based Carbon and KDF. The exclusive product combines the benefits of (stratified) high performance micropore coconut-shell carbon, to maintain the top of the media bed, giving a greater surface area for removal of taste and odor, chlorine and organic substances through adsorption. Combining a proven Bacteria static Media Inhibiter KDF, it protects your media bed and enhances the performance of the carbon and ion exchange media for a longer media life; 
  • Regeneration
    Grains removed  
    Water required  gal
    Salt required  lb
    Length of cycle  min
  • Approximate Dimensions*
    Width NA in
    Height NA in
    Depth NA in
    Weight NA lbs
    Shipping weight NA lbs
    *refer to physical product for exact dimensions
  • Warranty
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Designed for families of 1 to 4. This exclusive product combines the benefits of (stratified) high performance steam washed micropore coconut-shell carbon and KDF Bacteria static media Inhibiter. The system removes bad tastes, odors, chlorine, chloramines, THMs, and organic substances through adsorption. Combining these proven technologies with the highest efficacy water softening media and Ph stabilizer ensures your family the highest quality water possible. Now You Can Enjoy Bottled Water Quality at Every Tap in Your Home!

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