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Grill Accessories by Weber

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Weber 6415

Model #: 6415

Price $5.99
In Stock
Keep your Weber gas grill clean and ready for service with this handy pack of ten small aluminum grease catch pans. Measuring 8-1/2...

Weber Grill Brush (6494)

Model #: Grill Brush (6494)

Price $7.99
In Stock
Whether you cook over charcoal or gas, this is a must-have tool for keeping grill grates free of food debris. Easily cleans...

Weber Grill Brush (6686)

Model #: Grill Brush (6686)

Price $7.99
Perfect for grates, burner tubes, Flavorizer® bars, and other small spaces in the cookbox. Stainless steel bristles.

Weber Basting brush

Model #: Basting brush

Price $8.99
In Stock
Weber silicone basting brush. Perfect for thicker sauces, the silicone bristles on our basting brush resist odors and stains and are...

Weber 6493

Model #: 6493

Price $9.99
In Stock
Easily cleans hard-to-reach spots between the cooking grate rods and in tight spaces at the edges of the cooking grate. Stainless...

Weber 6483

Model #: 6483

Price $9.99
In Stock
Weber burger press. Designed to make a dimple in burger patties for flat, uniform 1/4 lb or 1/2 lb burgers. Detachable handle for...

Weber Slider Press (6485)

Model #: Slider Press (6485)

Price $9.99
Weber slider press. Designed to make a dimple in burger patties for flat, uniform 1/8 lb sliders. Detachable handle for easy...

Weber 6488

Model #: 6488

Price $9.99
Weber original potato nails set of 6. Heat conducted through stainless steel nail allows for quick, even cooking of potato....

Weber Instant Read Thermometer (6750)

Model #: Instant Read Thermometer (6750)

Price $9.99
In Stock
WEBER® instant read thermometer designed to help know when meat is done and ready to be taken off grill.

Weber 6417

Model #: 6417

Price $10.99
In Stock
Weber Summit Grill Drip Pan: Line the catch pan on the Summit gas grills for easy clean up and maintenance of your grill. Fits...

Weber Warming Rack (7513)

Model #: Warming Rack (7513)

Price $11.99
Keep your Weber® Gas Barbecue cooking up platefuls of delicious meals with this genuine replacement part and continue to enjoy the...

Weber Shredders (7475)

Model #: Shredders (7475)

Price $14.99
Angled handle and wire allow for clearance in all Weber® grills and Smokey Mountain Cooker™ smokers. Stainless steel construction...

Weber Rib and Roast Holder (6469)

Model #: Rib and Roast Holder (6469)

Price $17.99
In Stock
Weber rib and roast holder. 2-in-1 design expands cooking flexibility, while minimizing the storage space needed when not in use....

Weber Cooking Grate (7436)

Model #: Cooking Grate (7436)

Price $19.99
Keep your charcoal grill performing at its best with the simple addition of a new cooking grate. Flip-up sides allow the easy...

Weber Glill pan (6435)

Model #: Glill pan (6435)

Price $19.99
Just the right tool for cooking pan fries on the grill. Or try it for delicate fish, vegetables, and even fruit.

Weber Portable tool set (6645)

Model #: Portable tool set (6645)

Price $19.99
Weber stainless steel two-piece portable tool set. Great for tailgating, camping, and storing in small spaces, this 14-inch spatula...

Weber Vegetable basket (6434)

Model #: Vegetable basket (6434)

Price $19.99
In Stock
Stainless steel vegetable basket. Simply chop or slice your favorite veggies, toss them in the pan and place it on the grill.

Weber Portable Griddle (6604)

Model #: Portable Griddle (6604)

Price $22.99
Weber Q® griddle. Made of porcelain-enameled cast iron. Fits all Weber® Q® grills.

Weber 6625

Model #: 6625

Price $23.99
Great for tailgating, camping, and storing in small spaces, this spatula and tongs set fits easily into cabinets or kitchen drawers....

Weber 7516

Model #: 7516

Price $24.99
In Stock
Weber Grill-Out  handle light. Light up your grilled feast with Weber's practical handle light. This heavy-duty light uses three LED...