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Rheem PROG40S36NRH67PV

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This Power Vent with a PV electronic control featuring a lcd screen to provide a simple three-level bar graph for an at-a-glance indication of how much hot water remains in the tank and an adjustable set-point to ajust the water temperature up or down at the lcd. Also offers a flammable vapor detection sensor, a protective control system that disables the heater in the presence of flammable vapor accumulation.

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product specifications

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  • Specifications
    Type Short 
    Unit capacity 40 US Gallons
    Flow-rate capacity Natural Gas: 36 000 BTU/hr 
    Controls Digital 
    Fuel type Natural Gas 
    Water pressure range  
    Overheat protection  
    Noise level  dBA
    Energy Factor .67 
    Installation Floorstanding 
    Certifications Energy Star,Energy Miser,Design 
    Condensate Collector NA 
    Venting type Direct Vent 
    Connection size Water connection: 3/4" 
    Color Dark Grey 
  • Information
    Additional information PV Electronic Control: Available hot water display: The LCD screen provides a simple three-level bar graph for an at-a-glance indication of how much hot water remains in the tank; Adjustable set-point: The homeowner can adjust the water temperature up or down at the LCD; Automatic “scald warning”: Setting the water temperature above 120°F triggers an alert calling attention to a potential hot-water risk; Vacation mode option: a homeowner can make the adjustment remotely at the LCD device; Control lockout: the user must depress the “up” and “down” temperature buttons for five seconds to unlock the control; “Service Needed” indicator: The user or service technician can display the specific failure codes and quickly identify problems in need of remedy, saving service time and cost. Guardian System™: Air/fuel shut-off system offers double protection; Maintenance free – no filter to clean. 
  • Accessories
    Supplied accessories  
    Optional Accessories  
  • Approximate Dimensions*
    Width 21 3/4"
    Height 51 1/4"
    Depth 21 3/4"
    *refer to physical product for exact dimensions
  • Warranty
    Warranty Tank Warranty - 6 Years; Parts Warranty - 6 Years; With ProtectionPlus™ the 6-year limited tank warranty becomes 10 years! 
  • Shipping Dimensions
    Width NA"
    Height NA"
    Depth NA"
    Volume  cu. ft.
  • Weight
    Net Weight NA lbs
    Shipping Weight 155.14 lbs
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