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Water Doctors WSXTR2CAB

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Water Doctors Budget Tech Water Softener combines the superior performance of a durable fiberglass tank with the sleek design and advanced usability of an LCD electronic control. The microprocessor keeps a running average of the previous 8 days' water usage and automatically adjusts the conditioned water reserve higher or lower as required, ensuring you soft water when you need it and saving money on energy and salt expenses.

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product specifications

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  • Specifications
    Maximum hardness after filtration 38,000 grains/gal
    Maximum iron after filtration 5 ppm
    Total hardness capacity  grains
    Salt storage capacity 160 lbs
    Minimum pH  
    Maximum pH  
    Maximum flow rate 18 gal/min
    Plumbing connection 3/4, 1"
    Operating temperature range • Min: 35 Degrees F
    • Max: 100 Degrees F
    Water pressure • Min: 20 psi
    • Max: 125 psi
    Energy Star  
    Other features • Medium Performance 3/4" control valve & 1" distributor ensures the adequate flow rates.
    • Five programmable cycles provide the flexibility to treat a wide range of water problems
    • Fully tested and Engineered Diagnostics
    • 5 Year warranty on both tanks, Three-year warranty on the control valve
    • 70% Efficiency (conversion of salt to sodium chloride)
    • Space saving footprint 22.5” x 12.5” x 44.5” 
  • Regeneration
    Grains removed  
    Water required  gal
    Salt required  lb
    Length of cycle  min
  • Approximate Dimensions*
    Width 3"
    Height 43"
    Depth 19"
    Weight NA lbs
    Shipping weight 100 lbs
    *refer to physical product for exact dimensions
  • Warranty
    Warranty • 10-year warranty on tanks
    • 3-year warranty on the control valve
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