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Water Doctors WSXTR2CAB

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Water Doctors Value Line™ Water Softeners' provide the benefits of soft water and features 5 fully programmable cycles to improve backwash effectiveness. The money saving control valve includes a metering system which measures water use and regenerates only when needed, saving up to 50% on salt and water usage compared to conventional models. An LED display combines a stylish look with user-friendly programming capabilities. The Value Line is available in one piece cabinet or two tank styles.

product specifications

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  • Specifications
    Maximum hardness after filtration  grains/gal
    Maximum iron after filtration  ppm
    Total hardness capacity  grains
    Salt storage capacity  lbs
    Minimum pH  
    Maximum pH  
    Maximum flow rate  gal/min
    Plumbing connection "
    Operating temperature range • Min: 34 Degrees F
    • Max: 110 Degrees F
    Water pressure • Min: 20 psi
    • Max: 120 psi
    Energy Star  
    Other features • High Performance 3/4" control valve
    • 1" distributor ensures the highest possible flow rate throughout the home
    • Custom
    • LED display
    • 200-gallon reserve assures consistent soft water
  • Regeneration
    Grains removed  
    Water required  gal
    Salt required  lb
    Length of cycle  min
  • Approximate Dimensions*
    Width 12 15/16"
    Height 16 7/8"
    Depth 7 7/16"
    Weight NA lbs
    Shipping weight 100.09 lbs
    *refer to physical product for exact dimensions
  • Warranty
    Warranty • 10-year warranty on tanks
    • 3-year warranty on the control valve
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