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Big Green Egg CP Lump Charcoal

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Don’t expose yourself and the foods you eat to chemical based charcoal. Grill, smoke, and bake all your food using Big Green Egg’s Natural Lump Charcoal. Made with unprocessed solid wood scraps and twigs, Big Green Egg’s Natural Lump Charcoal is the most natural and efficient charcoal for your Big Green Egg grill.

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    Additional Information Big Green Egg Natural Charcoal (20LB). Unlike conventional charcoal briquettes that are made with unnatural fillers and often chemically treated wood byproducts, lump charcoal is made with solid wood chips, scraps, and twigs without chemical additives. Because of this, natural lump charcoal burns faster, cleaner, and longer. Big Green Egg's Natural Lump Charcoal is designed specifically for Big Green Egg Grills and produces significantly less ash, resulting in less ash build up in your fire box. Their charcoal also ignites quickly and burns at a longer rate. And because of the Big Green Egg grill's unique dual ventilation system, one application of their natural lump charcoal can be controlled and used for an extended period of time, saving you money down the road. Big Green Egg's Natural Lump Charcoal can also be relit again and again if the fuel is not entirely used up. 
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